10 years of building the home of internet

I started FMevolution on the 19th of June 2007 with the simple business goal of helping clients to plan, build and operate world class data centres in Australia. Data centres that would be leading in terms of energy, water and capital efficiency. Data centres that would be recognized by the industry as leading design and innovative. I felt that with Australia's stable government, access to good services infrastructure, global connectivity with low latency, low cost of power, engineering and construction capability, that one day would become a preferred location for consolidating APAC and global cloud computing infrastructure.

So strong was this belief, that all FMevolution IT infrastructure has always resided in the cloud and software as a service given preference.

So how does the FMevolution scorecard read over the past decade?

We have delivered the most data centers of any independent project manager or client representative in Asia-Pacific – over 150MW of staged IT capacity.

Our achievements include delivering Australia’s first Uptime Institute Certified Constructed Facility, two data centres built that won the Master Builders Award, and Australia’s first hyper scale data centres, while only working on projects pushing the boundaries of energy, water and capital efficiency.

Our innovative, commercial and structured approach to business has saved our clients millions in the development of their data centres.

I will always be grateful to all the customers that took a chance on us, the business partners that supported us and my team at FMevolution, that through their skills, expertise and dedication delivered these incredible results.

Finally, to my old friend and colleague Gary Stevenson (retired), thank you for the help and support to transform this business and it infrastructure for future excellence and growth - FMevolution is ready for the next decade.

Verghese Jacob

Managing Director FMevolution