FMevolution is a independent company that provides
Consulting, Project Management and Technology Integration services,
specialising in data centres.    

The ability to provide these services ensures that we can deliver complete turn-key solutions for your organisation, on-time and within budget to meet or exceed your expectations.

We also provide facility management services and procurement solutions, which require a high degree of technical and risk management expertise within the telecommunications, manufacturing, finance, government, energy and mining sectors.


Our services include:

  • technical real estate acquisition or occupancy recommendations;

  • strategies for mission-critical engineered facilities;

  • project delivery of building engineering services through design management and procurement;

  • construction outsourcing, and contract management (superintendent);

  • commissioning building technologies to ensure sustainable energy and water conservation;

  • facilities management services performance reviews, and outsourcing strategies; and,

  • technical and technology market research consultancies.

Facilities Management (FM) is about "planning & managing the lifecycle of a facility" in harmony with our core value of sustainability. This lifecycle spans creation, operation & disposal while maintaining a technology competitive edge.


Our turn-key project solutions and streamlined management processes ensure that we can assist you to reach the strategic goals by identifying opportunities to improve business efficiency and effectiveness, and unlocking hidden value.


Our value lies in the provision of a strategic asset management approach to concept development, and in assisting with the design of the project functional and business requirements, to optimise the facilities use, value, total cost of ownership (TCO) and potential for providing sustainable outcomes, now and into the future.


Drawing on comprehensive experience in the field of critical reliability-engineered telecommunication and data centre facilities, our team has overseen the development and delivery of facilities and data centres, design and construction programs, contract due diligence reviews, and risk management processes.


We share the knowledge and ensure you understand every step of the way.


Our role is to understand your requirements, provide the framework, then deliver to that commitment.

We assist our customers to reach their strategic goals by identifying business improvement opportunities and unlocking hidden value.



Our consulting practice provides a range of disciplines within the “mission critical” facility space such as:


  • Acquisition & site selection;

  • Due diligence;

  • Life cycle management;

  • Strategy & roadmap;

  • Functional & business requirements;

  • Capacity planning;

  • Standards design;

  • Technical specifications;

  • Relocations & migrations;

  • Vendor Selection & Reviews.

Project Management

Our end to end methodology framework leverages standard best practice techniques and offers a consistent and structured process of Construction & Technology Delivery. This ensures:


  • Standardisation of project management practices & Documentation;

  • Agreement with client contract obligations;

  • Improved consistency;

  • Improved communications;

  • Clear areas of responsibility;

  • Increased project controls;

  • Encourages best practice adherence;

  • Continuous improvement.

Technology Integration

Construction, Retrofit, Lifecycle Replacement; we ensure the right Technology aligns with your Budget & Requirement:


  • Service corridors;

  • POD design, POD modularity;

  • Containerised solutions;

  • Rear door heat exchangers;

  • In-Row cooling;

  • Return plenums & chimneys;

  • Hot & or cold containment;

  • Busway distribution;

  • Modular scalable UPS;

  • Flywheel pass through UPS;

  • LED & PIR control;

  • Converged IT cabling systems;

  • DCiM.