We are shortlisted among

"25 Most Promising Project Management

Solutions Providers"


  FMevolution is an independent company that provides
Consulting, Project Management and Technology Integration services,
specialising in data centres.  

The ability to provide these services ensures that we can deliver complete turn-key solutions for your organisation, on-time and within budget to meet or exceed your expectations.

We also provide facility management services and procurement solutions, which require a high degree of technical and risk management expertise within the telecommunications, manufacturing, finance, government, energy and mining sectors.







Data Centres







Collaborating and innovating with clients, thought leaders, technology suppliers, and design teams to develop and deliver world leading energy, water and capital efficient data centres.


Recognition comes from client relationships built on trust, repeat work and a respected reputation.


Assisting our clients to become better global citizens by adopting leading environmental sustainability benchmarks, while accomplishing new levels of capital efficiency for every data centre project.


Why is this important? Is estimated that data centres utilise about 5% of all power consumed globally. If we can find ways to improve energy and water efficiency, then we reduce the environmental footprint of data centres e.g. consumption of natural resources, atmospheric contamination, waste products and global warming.


We help our clients to reach their strategic goals by identifying business improvements, opportunities for technology innovation and unlocking hidden value.



FMevolution is proud of its achievements and continued growth. Following is a summary of projects completed. Further information on these projects is available in confidence.


Unlike traditional project managers, FMevolution has subject matter expertise and experience focussed around mission critical facilities, specifically data centres and telecommunications exchange facilities.

We not only understand the core facility requirements but also the latest products and trends, from the critical facility infrastructure to the installation of the IT server or switch.

Our team has the right mix of experience, dynamics and capability to deliver your project.